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psa | how cold does it have to be outside for you to feel uncomfortable? [02 Nov 2016|03:43pm]
it's that time of year again. the leaves have fallen and a chill hangs in the air whenever the sun disappears behind a cloud or under the horizon. those of us fortunate enough can choose to bundle up or stay inside where our central heat keeps us warm from the tip of our toes to the tip of our noses.

too many new yorkers are not this fortunate.

in september 2016, there were 61,931 homeless people, including 15,691 homeless families with 24,148 homeless children, sleeping each night in the new york city municipal shelter system.

there are still so many unaccounted for because they did not qualify for the shelters or felt unable to seek out sanctuary from the cold due to mental illness, addiction, or pride. it's a sad fact that many citizens don't think about often.

you can make a huge difference in someone's life by the simple act of donating blankets, clothing, coats, and/or socks. your businesses can get involved by acting as a drop site for these donations. hux & hewes in brooklyn has been acting as a donation location and encourages patrons to think of those less fortunate by offering a free drink or appetizer when you donate a blanket or a coat. the perfect petal flower shop in manhattan offers a 10% discount voucher when you donate any item of clothing or blankets.

i personally see that all donations are washed and distributed to shelters and soup kitchens within the boroughs.

change a life. save a life. donate.
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