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HAPPY HUMP DAY (NSFW). [13 Jan 2016|09:15am]
[ mood | gooooood morning! ]
[ music | the cleavage can't be tamed today. sorry, not sorry. ]

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you. yes, you-- are beautiful. how was your day? [13 Jan 2016|06:55pm]
[ mood | too many are of us are shivering. ]
[ music | just a reminder: it's cold as fuck tonight. have you donated a coat yet? ]

i'm feeling like chatting a bit about random things. is anyone up for conversation? i'm leaving anon on because that could be fun. if you'd like a custom, just ask and i'll make it happen. i'm also taking questions and story requests for an update i'm working on. planning on working on? shoot you know, you know.
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